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Comicstorian has expanded immensely since our early days. What originally started as a simple gaming channel has grown into a production team which brings you two Channels, A Stream Channel and all the podcasts we post here. We started out Patreon in the off chance something went horribly wrong one the YouTube side. But I don't like taking money and not providing you with something in return. So with your one dollar pledge you get access to all podcasts we produce, early looks at Comicstorian and Eligiblemonster videos. None of this content will ever be locked behind a higher tier. But if you feel like you want to pledge more of course we will give you more things like Movie Nights, Live Q&As, or your name at the end of each Comicstorian video!

For one dollar you get access to any video or podcast we produce, this will never change or be put behind a higher tier reward. But if you want to get us more we will give you more! Things like comics from our collection, T-Shirts only available to buy at a convention we are at, Movie Nights where the team watches a movie with you all, A Live Monthly Q&A where we answer at least one question from every, or even your name at the end of all the Comicstorian Videos!

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